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Apple market capitalization soared to nearly $3 trillion

Apple market capitalization soared to nearly $3 trillion

In the coming year, Apple stock may grow by another 14%, bringing its capitalization to $3 trillion, according to analysts at Morgan Stanley.

In recent years, the stock of the IT giant has grown quite rapidly, as experts told CNBC channel. In 2020, stocks were up 80%, and the value has risen another 35% this year (with the S&P 500 Index up just 26% since the beginning of 2021.) Moreover, the company's stock is still undervalued: next year, it is expected to grow by 14% or up to $200 per share (today, the value of one share is around $176.)

New Apple products, such as drones or headsets with augmented and virtual reality, drive the growth. Meanwhile, the solution to the semiconductor shortage chip crisis in 2022 will help the company increase its sales.  

To recall, Apple became the world's first company to cross the $1 trillion mark in market value in 2018. Two years later, it was able to set a record of $2 trillion, despite the 2020 global crisis. Market growth has slowed slightly over the past year, partly due to a shortage of parts for their products and a lawsuit filed by Epic Games, complaining about too high transaction fees on the App Store.

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