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Forbes: 30% of surveyed billionaires invested in cryptocurrencies

Forbes: 30% of surveyed billionaires invested in cryptocurrencies

The study found that 3.2% of the world’s wealthiest people have invested more than half of their wealth in crypto assets.

According to Forbes, 3.2% of respondents said they had invested more than half of their fortune in cryptocurrency, while 18% reported investing at least 1% of their money.

Another 10% said they had not made any direct investments but had invested in crypto-related companies. Meanwhile, 80% of digital asset holders had invested at least 10% of their wealth in cryptocurrencies.

Analysts concluded that the proportion of crypto investors among the world's richest people noticeably exceeds that of those not on the Forbes list. They cited an NBC News poll showing that only 20% of ordinary Americans have invested, traded, or used cryptocurrency.

There are still many billionaires who refuse to invest in cryptocurrency, even as an experiment. Hong Kong billionaire Jim Thompson believes that cryptocurrency is too volatile to invest in, while Florida’s largest real estate developer David Hoffman said he cannot imagine cryptocurrency ever replacing the dollar.

Berkshire Hathaway chairman Warren Buffett, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon are deeply skeptical of cryptocurrencies and outspokenly oppose them.

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