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Hacker claims to have $7 billion worth of bitcoins so he could be listed on Forbes

Hacker claims to have $7 billion worth of bitcoins so he could be listed on Forbes

Hacker Gummo can rank 389 in Forbes just because of his cryptocurrency assets. 

In an interview with Soft White Underbelly, hacker Gummo revealed that he had managed to accumulate quite enough of the world's first cryptocurrency. “I’m quite wealthy. Yeah, I do not have to work if I don’t choose to. I have over seven billion dollars worth of Bitcoin,” he stated. He didn't disclose exactly how he managed to save so much money in the interview.  

Note that in just over 2021, hackers managed to steal more than $14 billion worth of cryptocurrency. The majority came from banal scams when users were offered to give their money or provide access to it using a variety of tricks and promises. Theft is in second place, and the hacking of crypto projects is in third place. 

Recall that attacks on the crypto industry have recently become more frequent. So, a group of hackers blackmails Nvidia, threatening to release their technical documentation. Meanwhile, police arrested a couple who stole $3.6 billion worth of bitcoins earlier this year. To protect our readers from such threats, we prepared an article on Crypto-industry hacking: top cases and types of attacks.

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