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Hacker returns 17 million OP tokens to the Optimism contract address

Hacker returns 17 million OP tokens to the Optimism contract address

An attacker sent 1 million coins to Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin before returning the cryptocurrency.

PeckShieldAlert reports that the hacker who stole 20 million (about $17 million) OP tokens from crypto platform Wintermute returned 17 million coins to the Optimism contract address. Before that, he sent 1 million tokens to Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin. He also sold another 1 million tokens immediately after the theft.

Optimism is an Ethereum scaling solution that improves the network's governance structure. The community cryptocurrency was released on June 1, and 5% of all tokens were distributed to about 250,000 users.

The Optimism platform engaged Wintermute as a liquidity provider to make it easier for users purchasing OP tokens to participate in collective management. The company was given a temporary grant of 20 million coins just before the distribution as a supporting partner.

As of June 10, the hacker still had 1 million OP left. Initially, Wintermute offered to refund the funds within one week, promising not to undertake any legal steps.

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