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Hackers stole $9.8 billion of cryptocurrency

Hackers stole $9.8 billion of cryptocurrency

Last year turned out to be extremely profitable not only for a lot of crypto-asset owners, but also for fraudsters and hackers. According to researchers, there were at least 231 cases of fraud during the year, and the total amount of stolen funds amounted to $9.8 billion. 

According to UToday, citing data from SlowMist's annual report, among all the cases compiled, 170 cases involved De-Fi. Among them, there were recorded 15 security violations of cryptocurrency exchanges, 3 cases related to the security of digital wallets and 35 cases of fraud. Thus, almost 73% of all incidents are related to decentralized finance. 

Even though most of the victims of hackers are relatively small projects, in 2021 there were some serious incidents. For example, the Binance Smart Chain blockchain has been victim of the "51%" attack, where more than half of the votes are concentrated in one hand, allowing the blockchain to change the rules as its owner wishes, opening a wide scope for fraudulent schemes.  

One more network, Ethereum Classic, became the victim of an attack. However, the hackers could not steal the owners' funds. Separately, attacks were recorded on Crytopia and the Liquid exchange wallet. In addition, the attacker is now trying to steal 28 million MIR tokens.

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