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In 24 hours, an unknown user transferred $3.6 billion worth of Bitcoin

In 24 hours, an unknown user transferred $3.6 billion worth of Bitcoin

On Tuesday, December 28, someone made six transactions transferring between 10 and 15 thousand bitcoins to an unknown wallet. A total of 75,000 digital coins were transferred, and the total amount of transactions exceeded $3.6 billion.

Whale Alert, a service that tracks movements of large cryptocurrency amounts, detected an unusual transaction.Previously, another uncommon transaction was made on December 21, when an unknown owner withdrew 321 BTC from his wallet that had been inactive for almost 9 years. He purchased Bitcoins in 2013, paying $6.6 thousand and withdrawing cryptocurrency for $15.1 million today; the crypto asset's value has grown by 2,300 times.     

The reason for such abnormal transfers of large amounts is still unknown. Some experts believe Bitcoin's drop in December could cause it. Since the beginning of the month, the rate of this cryptocurrency has been volatile and constantly falling. The rate lost up to 20% of its value on certain days. Some predict that the drop will continue, while others are confident (such as Bloomberg analyst) that the Bitcoin rate will soon regain and can break through the mark of $75,000 per coin.

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