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In one day, a young artist made $1 million selling her NFT collection

In one day, a young artist made $1 million selling her NFT collection

Abigail, a young U.S. artist, has created a collection of 8,000 NFT pictures of beluga whales, and in less than a day, she made over $1 million by selling them.

The schoolgirl has shown a passion for drawing since she was a child, and a year ago, she decided to try her hand at being a graphic designer.

Abigail's brother, a crypto trader, introduced her to NFT technology and explained all the ins and outs of blockchain. Then he helped to tokenize a collection of pictures and place them on the Alpha Art Marketplace.

Solana blockchain was chosen for picture tokenization, which, in comparison to Ethereum, allows to spend less gas (in SOL) for NFT creation and offers higher transaction speed.

The starting price for one picture at the auction was 0.8 SOL (about $160 at the start of the auction). All tokens were sold out in 10 hours, and the artist managed to earn more than $1 million.

Abigail plans to donate 20% of the proceeds from the collection's sale to charity. 10% will go to non-profit organizations engaged in cleaning up the oceans and seas, as well as protecting beluga whales. The artist plans to donate another 10% to the Sunshine Kids Foundation devoted to treating children with cancer.

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