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In the U.S., Nike starts canceling orders till summer, facing supply chain issues

In the U.S., Nike starts canceling orders till summer, facing supply chain issues

In the U.S., Nike has started to cancel orders of retail stores for shoe supplies. The company blames global supply chain disruptions as the main reason, causing shutdowns at factories and delays in deliveries.

Thus, most likely, stores that have placed pre-orders will not get their products. Nike has lowered its 2021 profit forecasts due to the inability to deliver orders in the run-up to New Year's Eve. Initially, there were expectations that the company would be able to solve this problem by the end of the year, then the deadline was pushed back to spring 2022, but recently it was postponed again to summer 2022. 

Just to remind, some Nike factories had to suspend their activities due to the failure of global production chains. It particularly affected facilities in Indonesia and Vietnam, where a plant remained idle for more than two months. 

Logistics has emerged as another problem. If previously it took 40 days for the goods to reach the country by sea, now the time has doubled, making up to 80 days. Consequently, the cost of transportation also increased.  

It remains to be seen whether retail stores in other countries will be affected, but we already know that shoe supplies in the U.S. will be irregular until the next nine months.


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