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Metaverse investments exceed $400 million

Metaverse investments exceed $400 million

Metaverse game projects continue to attract more and more users and investments. NonFungible analytics platform reports that over the past week alone, players have made more than 3,000 deals worth more than $40 million in such projects. At the same time, virtual land is still in high demand. 

The Sandbox platform holds first place and the status of leader in the Metaverse segment. The project has already attracted over $256 million in total, and one of its investors is the famous rapper Snoop Dogg. At The Sandbox, he bought a huge plot of land aiming to build his own digital residence, the Snoopverse. The platform also collaborates with brands such as deadmau5 and Adidas, as previously reported.

The second-largest seller is the Decentraland project. Over the past week, it attracted more than $6.6 million in investments and sold 10 of the most expensive NFTs on the market. One buyer decided to spend more than 224 thousand MANA ($750 million) to buy a virtual plot of land. The overall amount of investment in the project has already surpassed $100 million.  

In the third place is CryptoVoxels. The project succeeded in 81 deals worth over $650 thousand during the last week. Somnium Space ($552 thousand) and SuperWorld ($233 thousand) also showed promising results last week.

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