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Mirror Protocol will sell synthetic versions of U.S. stocks

Mirror Protocol will sell synthetic versions of U.S. stocks

Terra, one of the most famous and fastest growing blockchains, will focus on developing a platform for selling synthetic versions of U.S. companies' stocks through its Mirror Protocol platform. First and foremost, there are plans to sell shares of IT giants. 

Why is it so important?
- New product will open access to buying shares of real companies using cryptocurrency
- Traders will get an opportunity to trade different types of assets in one place, such as cryptocurrency, real money, shares of companies, etc.

According to the altcoinbuzz website, synthetic assets already have their own name: Mirror assets or mAssets. The task of each asset will strictly reflect any form of asset, whether gold, cryptocurrencies or company shares. And with Terra's blockchain, all assets can be traded in one place with no need to undergo KYC. This will allow anyone to sell and buy U.S. assets, not just U.S. residents, you should only have access to the Internet. 

We should note that such service offers ample opportunities for non-U.S. residents while not giving them the right to own shares of companies. This means that buying a U.S. stock through Mirror Protocol has no legal effect: you will own the token only as long as the blockchain itself works. However, it is hardly possible to exchange it for a real share.

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