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Monero developer to be extradited to South Africa

Monero developer to be extradited to South Africa

Riccardo Spagni, a former developer of the anonymous cryptocurrency XMR, will be extradited to the Republic of South Africa (RSA), accused in a decade-old fraud case. He faces 20 years in prison. 

According to Fin24, a court in Nashville, Tennessee, sentenced Spagni to extradition to the Republic of South Africa authorities. Still, the extradition date has yet to be agreed upon. It is reported that the extradition decision was made after Spagni “knowingly and voluntarily” surrendered his right to an extradition hearing.

According to South African authorities, while working for Cape Cookies, Spagni intercepted bills from Ensync and forged invoices, inflating the prices of the company's goods and services for personal gain.

In September of that year, the U.S. court released Spagni because South African authorities failed to provide documents on the case before the required deadline.

According to the mass media, Riccardo intended to resolve the conflict with the South African authorities at the end of his temporary release. It remains unknown why he has not returned to Africa since his release.

A court order dated September 2021 noted that Spagni must still stand trial if there is an extradition order to South Africa. Now, he faces forced extradition, which could result in up to 20 years of imprisonment.

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