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North Korean hackers forge CVs to join U.S. crypto companies

North Korean hackers forge CVs to join U.S. crypto companies

North Koreans copy resumes from LinkedIn and pretend to be foreign nationals in order to get remote jobs at cryptocurrency companies. Working for U.S. firms, such employees help illegally raise funds for North Korean authorities.

According to Bloomberg,  evidence discovered by Mandiant Inc. confirms suggestions made by the U.S. government in May. At the time, the FBI and other U.S. agencies warned that North Korean programmers were trying to get jobs overseas by posing as citizens of other countries. They claim to have the skills needed to develop mobile apps and create virtual currency exchanges and mobile games.

North Koreans may be gathering insider information on cryptocurrency trends, researchers said. Such data could give the North Korean government insights on how to launder digital assets and avoid sanctions, according to Mandiant chief analyst Joe Dobson.

Researchers noted that North Korean users review information on websites where software developers publicly discuss new technologies from the cryptocurrency industry.

In late July, the U.S. Department of Justice announced the confiscation of about $500,000 worth of cryptocurrency from North Korean hackers. Part of the seized funds will be returned to two American hospitals that suffered from the actions of criminals.

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