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NYC mayor accepted a bribe to push a mining law

NYC mayor accepted a bribe to push a mining law

The bribery of Adams was detected just days after he urged Hochul to veto a bill banning the mining of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

According to the New York Daily News, citing the city's Finance Council records, New York City Mayor Eric Adams received a cash donation following his call for Governor Kathy Hochul not to ban bitcoin mining. The donation amounted to more than $21,000.

According to the media, the transaction was carried out by thirty top executives of the real estate firm Newmark, including CEO Barry Gosin. 

Adams' spokesman denied allegations of bribery, referring to a scheduled fundraising event:

“The timing was purely coincidental,” the spokeswoman said. “The mayor is in the midst of a fundraising push and the donations were the result of a scheduled fundraising event.” 

Recall that earlier, the New York State Senate approved a law banning the mining of any cryptocurrency based on the Proof-of-Work algorithm for a period of two years. In order for the law to go into effect, it would have to be approved by Hochul. As of writing this article, there is still no final decision on the bill.

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