Privacy policy

In Kravox, we are definitely convinced that Internet confidentiality is important for all our Users. To provide it, we developed this Privacy Policy (further – simply Policy). This Policy's terms concern the website (further – Kravox) and you, being an individual user (further – the User). The Policy is bounded with our User Licence Agreement, so, please, be sure you accept the terms of both documents. You can do this by simply visiting Kravox.

1. We reserve the right to change the terms of the Policy at any time we decide to without preliminary warning of the User. The new Policy becomes actual since it is published on Kravox.

2. We collect both private information the User provides us while registering on Kravox and non-private information taken from other sources (Google Analytics, cookie files we use). All the data we collect is inviolable. We do not give the User's private information to third-parties except the cases when it is dictated by law.

3. For your convenience, we offer the User to use geolocation technologies to determine your location. It is up to the User to turn off the geolocation option in your browser or app.

4. Be aware that some kind of personal information the User provides us allow the User to get extended options on Kravox. i.e. only registered users with the filled profile are allowed to use our surveys or notifications.

5. What are the purposes for Kravox to collect User's private information?

5.1 For User's safety and providing of all the services available on Kravox.

5.2 To prevent illegal activity and fraudsters on Kravox.

5.3 For customization of the content we offer to the User.

5.4 For website improvement and analyses of its functionality.

6. We collect and process the User's data only in terms of the law. All the data is fully protected by providing multiple encrypting and protection technologies. We are fully responsible for the User's private information except in the cases of data breaches and hacker attacks when the User's personal information can be stolen by third-parties.

7. We are guided by EU laws so we provide the full report about the amount and the content of personal information we collect from the User. The User can get it by sending an e-mail to the Kravox mailbox.

If the terms of the Policy are still unclear to you, you can apply for our consultation by sending us an e-mail.