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What is Sandbox?

What is Sandbox?

The Sandbox project has been known since 2011 as a mobile game and Minecraft's biggest competitor. But today, it is a blockchain platform called The Sandbox, which provides access to the metaverse and offers the opportunity to make money in the virtual world.

Full name of the company: The Sandbox

Foundation date: 2011

Founder: Arthur Madrid and Sébastien Borge (France)

Capitalization: more than $2.5 billion

Legal status: registration in Hong Kong

Project Features

The Sandbox is a blockchain-based gaming platform that supports the play-to-earn gameplay concept. Users can create a virtual world using non-exchangeable tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain. To access the various games and centers of the metaverse, users can use avatars and enter the virtual world.

This metaverse is similar to the Minecraft world, but it belongs to the category of decentralized applications. Players can create a real estate, explore territories, move around, participate in mini-games, and manage items. Thus, all gamers are the content creators on the platform, enjoying complete freedom of action.

The Sandbox virtual space represent land plots in the form of LAND tokens. Users can buy them and create NFT objects on such territories. The size of the metaverse is an area of 408x408 land plots, totaling 166,464 units. Each plot of land has a size of 96x96 meters.

The metaverse consists of voxels, that is, volumetric pixels, and each cubic meter of space includes 32 voxels in the three-dimensional dimension.

Players can own more than one plot of land. All real estate options can be grouped as follows:

  • small - 9 plots, each measuring 3x3 meters;
  • medium - 36 plots, each measuring 6x6 meters;
  • big – 144 plots, each measuring 12х12 meters;
  • very big – 576 plots, each measuring 24х24 meters.

Buying land allows new owners to create and edit content.

Gameplay in The Sandbox – the platform is a GameFi project, and all participants can make money as part of the gameplay.

On the project's official website, you register with your name and e-mail and connect your Web3-wallet. In the metaverse, you get an avatar, which allows you to edit and control your character in the virtual world. Besides, youcan create your own character from scratch.

All players can create objects, build buildings, and change the land's topography within their plot.

To develop The Sandbox, the developers offer two integrated solutions:

  • VoxEdit is a 3D modeling program to create objects from voxels. All elements are merged into a composition of multicolored cubes (analog of the Lego constructor). Using VoxEdit, you can create static and animated objects, such as plants, animals, clothes, objects, buildings, weapons, etc. All objects are NFT, so you can export them to a marketplace and earn income by selling the created objects;
  • GameMaker is a software program used to create scenarios for stuffing the metaverse and implementing mini-games and applications. It is used to work with static and interactive objects, with no need to have strong programming skills. By creating objects via VoxEdit, you can work with them further using GameMaker. Players create interactive environments in their plots and can share scenarios with other users.

The Sandbox Marketplace is a trading platform where all players can buy and sell in-game Assets using the native SAND cryptocurrency.

Purchased assets (houses, items of clothing, objects, etc.) can be used on your plot of land to develop the area.

All property owners can earn extra income, for example, by renting out areas, charging visitors to their properties, and making money in mini-games.

LAND is a non-fungible ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain. It represents a digital real estate object, i.e., a land plot in The Sandbox. The player buys land to develop the area and creates his own games on it using assets via the Game Maker tool.

It is possible to buy more than 1 plot and combine them into a large plot. The maximum allowed dimension of such a plot is 24x24 meters and is called ESTATE. Players monetize their experience, get rewards, and create new content using the LAND token.

There are 166464 LANDs in the world of The Sandbox, and they can be purchased through public sales, paying in SAND or ETH cryptocurrencies.

The land plots are also available for purchase from other users via Marketplace or NFT-platforms.

As of today, the developers of the meta-universe aim to allow LAND holders to participate in the voting and project management through the DAO in order to determine development strategy and implement improved solutions for The Sandbox.

SAND is a native token, an internal cryptocurrency of the ERC-20 standard. A total of 3 billion coins have been issued.

It is used in various transactions and interactions within the ecosystem. Players need to have a certain amount of SAND to play, customize an avatar, or buy a land plot or assets via the Marketplace.

Just like the LAND principle, SAND owners will be able to vote.

Token stacking is available in the game, allowing you to earn passive income and expand your ability to find valuable game resources.

ASSETS are voxel assets in the form of ERC-1155 non-fungible tokens. They are created through VoxEdit and placed on Marketplace for sale. Players will be able to buy objects, animals, cars, and clothes for their avatar, as well as buildings and houses.

If you create your in-world games through GameMaker, ASSETS can be developed to customize the entire gameplay.


2011 – video game development studio Pixowl created and launched a mobile gaming platform called Sandbox to compete with Minecraft. It got more than 40 million downloads among users worldwide and reached the top of the most popular apps of that time.

2012 – the game was first launched for iOS devices, and later came a version for Android.

2015 – an updated game version of Sandbox Evolution appeared.

2018 – Animoca Brands co-founders Arthur Madrid and Sebastian Borge bought Pixowl Studios and acquired the rights to its products. They were keen on the potential of creating a blockchain-based 3D metaverse so that every game user could own items represented in NFT form and be rewarded for the development of the ecosystem. The presentation of the new game concept took place during the Pocket Gamer Connect conference.

2020 – The Sandbox entered the world as a blockchain-based virtual universe and rapidly took the lead in the crypto sphere on par with such projects as Decentraland and Axie.

A token sale through Binance Launchpad was held in the summer, raising $3 million in funding.

2021 – The Sandbox metaverse gameplay became available to all users while the developers continued to make improvements and improve certain features of the project. In the same year, there were partnership agreements with the Adidas brand, the American rapper Snoop Dogg and the video game developer Atari. Collaboration with The Walking Dead and CryptoKitties was launched.

At the end of the fall, there was a funding round in which the platform managed to raise $93 million. The largest investor in the round was the Japanese mobile giant SoftBank.

Over a year of selling land, the platform has received 80 million dollars, while the land sale in the neighborhood with the territory of rapper Snoop Dogg brought in more than 450-thousand dollars.

2022 – Italian fashion house Gucci bought a plot of land at The Sandbox to develop itself in the meta-universe and accumulate interactive experiences in its virtual Gucci Vault fashion space. Branded items designed by the company's designers became available for purchase and use.

British bank HSBC also bought a land plot to interact with financial service providers at The Sandbox and engage the sports community.

Dubai's cryptocurrency regulator opened VARA headquarters in the meta-universe to make its services more accessible and expand its collaboration with virtual asset service providers.

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