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Self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator sues Coinbase and Kraken

Self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator sues Coinbase and Kraken

Australian businessman and self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright sued Coinbase and Kraken over the promotion of "fake" cryptocurrency.

As stated in a press release of the lawsuit, the reason behind the claim was the advertising of bitcoin core (BTC) as the original bitcoin by the cryptocurrency exchanges. According to the plaintiff's stance, cryptocurrency exchanges encourage investors to trade and invest in the very version of Bitcoin that emerged following the 2017 fork. At the same time, Craig Wright believes that the canonical version of Bitcoin is the bitcoin satoshi vision (BSV) which is another version of Bitcoin created as a result of the bitcoin cash (BCH) hard fork in November 2018.

Craig Wright alleges that Coinbase and Kraken intentionally distorted the concept of cryptocurrencies, leading to further confusion among investors. The plaintiffs are now pursuing a court order prohibiting Coinbase and Kraken from promoting BTC as the original bitcoin.

However, Craig Wright did not file a lawsuit in a U.S. court. Instead, the suit was registered in the United Kingdom, where the self-proclaimed bitcoin creator had previously filed a lawsuit against the owner of

As a reminder, in July 2021, ceased to display bitcoin technical documentation for UK users due to a court loss to Craig Wright. The grounds for losing the case were the refusal of the anonymous website owner alias Cobra to testify in order to preserve his anonymity, even though Cobra was present at the hearing. The court automatically ruled in favor of Craig Wright.

Long known in the cryptocurrency community, Dr. Craig Wright is mostly famous for his litigation with blockchain developers. In late February 2021, he demanded that leading crypto developers refund him about 99,100 bitcoins. The lawsuit claimed that private bitcoin keys allegedly belonging to Wright were stolen during a hack of his computer network.

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