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Solana blockchain halted due to bot attacks

Solana blockchain halted due to bot attacks

Solana network suspended the release of new blocks for more than seven hours because of high traffic generated by bots. 

As reported by Bloomberg, the network was attacked due to an NFT generating application called Candy Machine. As the project's developers said on Twitter, the beta version of Solana's main network "lost consensus" following the huge number of incoming transactions (4 million per second) that flooded the network, exceeding a 100 Gbit/s threshold. As a result of the attack, validators had to restart the network manually.

This is the fourth incident involving Solana since the beginning of the year. The first troubles occurred in early January. Back then, in response to complaints from users, Solana representatives said that "nothing happened to the network." A week later, Solana once again faced an overload due to an increase in the number of transactions with a high computing load. At that time, Binance confirmed the technical failures in Solana, due to which the exchange warned about possible suspensions of SOL withdrawals. In early April, the Binance cryptocurrency suspended Solana (SOL) withdrawals due to difficulties in the token network.

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