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Solana to introduce its first crypto smartphone

Solana to introduce its first crypto smartphone

The Saga Android-based cell phone will work with web3 applications. The device comes with the private key storage feature. 

Solana Mobile, a subsidiary of Solana Labs, announced the Saga Android-based crypto smartphone with private key storage and a decentralized Web3 app store. The smartphone is designed and built by OSOM, an Android developer with a team experienced in making computing hardware for Google, Apple, and Intel.

Saga will feature a 6.6-inch OLED display and 12GB of RAM. A built-in Seed Vault security element stores private keys and SID phrases on the phone separately from apps. The smartphone will have two physical sim cards and a USB-C-C connector equipped with data transfer protection when the charging cable is connected.

Solana Mobile expects to release the phone by early 2023. Approximate price of the phone will be about $1,000, while the device is available for pre-order for a deposit of $100.

Besides Solana's Saga phone, other similar crypto-phone projects included HTC's Exodus, Sirin Labs' Finney phone, and Samsung's KlaytnPhone from its Galaxy Note line.

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