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Someone transferred bitcoin for $1,68 billion from the FTX exchange

Someone transferred bitcoin for $1,68 billion from the FTX exchange

Unknown users withdrew 45,596 BTC from the FTX cryptocurrency exchange within three minutes. A total of seven transactions involved different wallets.

The suspicious transfer was reported by BitcoinBlockBot, which tracks the most popular digital coin transactions. The similar fee amount and their inclusion in the same block #721,186 indicate that they were all related. Meanwhile, the transaction speed suggests that a script that automates the entire process was likely used for the translation. 

No one knows the reason for this withdrawal from the FTX exchange. The company has been showing strong growth, and recently it was reported that more than $400 million were invested in it. The investors included well-known companies such as Softbank and Temasek. 

Although the total amount of bitcoin transactions is surprising, such a case isn't unique. For example, in late December 2021, unknown users transferred 75,000 BTC worth $3.6 billion.


Two MIT graduates, Sam Bankman-Fried and Gary Wang, founded the FTX cryptocurrency exchange. Previously both were engaged in trading stocks on the stock market, but in 2019 they decided to create a new exchange concerning digital coins. In two years of operation, the company managed to raise more than $900 million (with a business estimate of $18 billion). Initially, the headquarters was located in Hong Kong, but in September 2021 it was moved to the Bahamas.

Trading volume: ~$10 billion.

Number of trading pairs (markets): 435

Legal status: registered in the Bahamas

Fiat currencies: 10 (including USD, EUR, GBR)

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