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Square Enix wants to create blockchain games

Square Enix wants to create blockchain games

Square Enix, a Japanese video game publisher and developer, wants players to support video game development using blockchain in the future.

According to Yahoo Japan, Yosuke Matsuda, president of the company, believes that focusing only on traditional games won't be enough, saying, “In most games so far, we've been providing content as a ready-made product. Still, some players are interested in contributing their own vision to make games more interesting by creating new game modes and settings.”

However, Matsuda admitted that enthusiasm alone would not suffice for product development. For this reason, the company is considering adopting dedicated technologies such as blockchain to boost development.

However, he didn't specify when or how Square Enix plans to use blockchain technology. This is not the first time that the Tokyo-based iconic video game company has dropped some hints about blockchain implementation.

As a reminder, back in November 2021, Square Enix released a report where the concept of a mobile NFT card game called Shi-San-Sei Million Arthur proved to be successful. They also intend to avoid strictly centralized models. According to Square Enix representatives, players have a growing interest in decentralized products. 

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