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Telegram features a bot for accepting Toncoin cryptocurrency

Telegram features a bot for accepting Toncoin cryptocurrency

Pavel Durov, who was behind the Toncoin project, expressed his excitement over how the project continues to grow despite its shutdown last year with the potential to soon operate on the Telegram messenger.  

According to Сointelegraph, in his message, Pavel Durov stated that “I'm proud that the technology we created is alive and evolving. When it comes to scalability and speed, TON is still years ahead of everything else in the blockchain realm”. However, he reminded that Telegram has nothing to do with the existing Toncoin project.

Just to recall, Pavel Durov created the TON blockchain in 2017. There were plans to launch an in-house cryptocurrency on its basis. Investors and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission found the project interesting. The latter proved that the project violated existing laws, forcing Pavel Durov to terminate the project and return the money to investors. However, even though the founder of Telegram fulfilled that directive, the project kept on living and was renamed Toncoin. Recently, it was revealed that Toncoin and Donate have entered into a partnership. Donate is a Telegram-approved payment service planning to allow donations in Toncoin cryptocurrency.

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