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Texas teen siblings make $60,000 a month from mining

Texas teen siblings make $60,000 a month from mining

While most teenagers spend their free time on video games, gadgets, and watching cartoons, there are still some exceptions to the rule. Brother-sister duo earns more in a month than the average American does in a year.

Aanya Thakur and her brother Ishaan became fascinated by cryptocurrencies after hearing about them from their father, who once worked on Wall Street. One thing the teenagers were particularly interested in was mining. They researched on their own, collecting information from a variety of sources, ranging from YouTube to various forums and topic threads on Reddit. At some point, they decided to use their gaming computers for mining, and the result was shocking.

A special scanner on their computers was configured to find the most profitable coin and automatically triggered mining on it. The most frequent choice was Ethereum.

Over time, the family decided to rent a data center in Dallas. Currently, there is a farm with more than 100 processors.

"Since we're still attending school, technicians control the process and monitor the operation of the farm," says Ishaan.

Siblings managed to make more than $60,000 a month in income. The costs for data center services and electricity are less than $8,000 a month. So, the balance is more than positive. Obviously, their father helps them with all the work. He founded the family company Flifer Technologies and arranged a bank loan to buy new equipment.

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