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The Ethereum has bounced to a new all-time high (ATH). Bitcoin got a score of $66,000

The Ethereum has bounced to a new all-time high (ATH). Bitcoin got a score of $66,000

The Bitcoin rally began with the very opening of the Asian trading session. First, on large
volumes, the $65,000 level was hit, and then, six hours later, bitcoin hit the $66,000 level.
The peak was fixed at 66.358$ (Huobi). Meanwhile, Ethereum (ETH) has updated its historic
ATH. The asset has increased to $4,768 (Huobi). Moreover, apparently, that is not the limit.

The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market exceeded $ 3 trillion. This is a new historical
level of market maturity and evidence of increasing interest from institutional investors.

The Fear index & Greed has gained to 75%, indicating a predominance of greed and
customer dominance. The current market picture and indicators show that there is still a
margin for growth of leading cryptocurrencies even in the current trade session.

The rise of topical cryptocurrencies was also supported by the dollar index, which showed a
drop of 0.03% to 94.29, and with which bitcoin and Ethereum recently have shown a strong
inverse correlation.

The nearest resistance level is $5,000 for Ethereum and $67,000 - $70,000 for
bitcoin. Breaking these levels will trigger a new bullish rally and a larger influx investment in
the market.

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