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The OliveX Metaverse will award cryptocurrency for fitness activities

The OliveX Metaverse will award cryptocurrency for fitness activities

Hong Kong-based fitness meta-university OliveX opted to use advanced blockchain technology to support its customers' health. The company came up with the idea of a new cryptocurrency and NFT token earning model, which can be called "sweat and earn."

According to Forbes, a mobile blockchain game based on the rules where users have to run in real life, completing quests and other tasks, will contribute to the realization of this model.

The player will be required to have a minimum of special equipment, which includes a smartphone and running shoes. Runners will be rewarded for their real-world runs with cryptocurrency (DOSE tokens) and non-fungible tokens (NFT). They can be accumulated to raise your level in the game or just trade them in the crypto exchanges and NFT-marketplace.

OliveX founder and CEO Keith Ramjan prefers to call the new model "move and earn." He believes it is a real game-changer in the industry. The game benefits both the players, who earn real money and the developers, who can increase their revenue since there are no intermediaries.

"Our mission is to attract a billion people, so I would like to see them earn their first NFTs and cryptocurrencies while exercising," Ramjan said.

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