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The U.S. keeps digital yuan out of the App Store and Google Play

The U.S. keeps digital yuan out of the App Store and Google Play

U.S. Republican senators call for a ban on digital yuan support by technology platforms.

Under the bill, Senators Tom Cotton, Mike Brown, and Marco Rubio propose to ban U.S. companies from hosting apps that could support the Chinese digital yuan on their marketplaces.

According to Cotton, Beijing is going to use digital currency “to control and spy on everyone who uses it.”

“We can't grant China that chance - the United States has to stop China's attempt to undermine our economy at the most basic level,” he added.

Mike Brown believes that the digital yuan allows China to control and access people’s financial lives directly:

“We cannot allow this autocratic regime to use its state-controlled digital currency as a tool to infiltrate our economy and personal information of American citizens.”

However, it remains unclear whether the bill will gain regulatory status since a group of senators has so far only submitted it to the U.S. Congress.

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