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Unknown user withdrew 50 bitcoins stored in his wallet for more than 12 years

Unknown user withdrew 50 bitcoins stored in his wallet for more than 12 years

On April 7, an unknown user withdrew 50 bitcoins from a cryptocurrency wallet, deposited there since 2009. Technically, at that time, the cryptocurrency had no value - there were no cryptocurrency exchanges, it was not traded anywhere, and even in 2010, the price of one bitcoin was about $0.0025. As of now, 50 bitcoins are worth $2.1 million.

As BestChange analysts report, transfers of bitcoins that have been inactive for a long time often led to increased volatility in the market. The community believes that early investors may consider current prices to be the highest possible over the long run, so they expect them to drop further significantly.

However, the latest transfer of bitcoins, which had been in the same wallet for more than 12 years, does not mean that the longtime investor has disappointed in bitcoin now. Rather, someone else has accessed the funds, analysts said. One of the most typical situations is when one of the early bitcoin investors' wallets was accessed by his or her heirs or family members due to other circumstances.

Other versions are also possible, such as theft or extortion of the wallet. However, technically it is difficult to do due to the blockchain's security.

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