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Youtuber found $1 million thief via blockchain

Youtuber found $1 million thief via blockchain

A Singaporean YouTuber with almost 5.5 million subscribers lost $1 million in cryptocurrency because of a theft committed by a friend.

As reported by blogger Jianhao Tan on Twitter, one of his friends stole all apecoin (APE), ether (ETH) tokens, as well as a non-fungible token (NFT) of the Bored Apes Yacht Club collection. He managed to do that because the blogger had personally given his friend shared access to the wallet.  

In the blogger's words, his unnamed friend claims to have been hacked. However, Jianhao Tan successfully tracked down the true perpetrator thanks to transfers within the blockchain.

The story got a lot of coverage in the local media. Although Jianhao didn't disclose the stolen amount, journalists found out that he may have lost about $1 million due to the theft. The YouTuber promised to share the details of the fraud shortly.

In recent years, Jianhao Tan has actively promoted his investments in cryptocurrency and NFT. His marketing agency Titan Digital Media even launched its own digital collectibles in December 2021. In 2016, Forbes included the YouTuber in its list of the top 30 young leaders in various industries.

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